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Children’s Temporary Tattoos



Children’s temporary tattoos are mostly worn to commemorate certain events e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, parties’ etc which the person would like to remember or to just have a feel of the real thing. For children it is mostly for fun or trying to imitate a person they admire like a cartoon, musician or a movie star. They may also want to get a temporal tattoo of their favorite toys and games.

The temporal tattoo should be easy to apply and safety must be guaranteed. They mostly want to spot tattoos for a day or two and so the tattoo should be easy to remove.

To make it more fun the kids can come with their own designs using the home PC and a laser or inkjet printer. Designs can also be acquired from a tattoo par lour or a stockiest of tattoo material. One just needs to purchase a temporal tattoo paper and an adhesive and the rest is just to print the design on the temporal paper then place it on the sticky side of the adhesive sheet then slowly place it on the position on the child’s body.

For safety purposes the parent should be aware of all allergies that the child has to avoid complications to the child.

Children’s temporary tattoos are supposed to be fun.


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