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Temporay tattoos are those tattoos that can be removed after one gets the satisfaction that they wanted. This can be after a day, a week and maybe a month depending on how the person takes care of it by avoiding rubbing it and avoiding water on that particular part of the body where the tattoo is located.

One can come up with the temporay tattoo design by themselves. One just needs a printer, a tattoo paper and an adhesive. Print the design that has impressed you using an inkjet printer or a laser printer on the A4 tattoo paper. After printing the design, place it on the sticky side of the adhesive paper and after that place the sticky side of the adhesive paper on your skin and there is your temporal tattoo.

One can use graphics software to come up with the design and alter it till he comes up with a design that he/she wants. The design might be associated with a particular group of people, religion or just a random design.

Design of temporay tattoos mostly depends on what the person wants as they are done at home and they are more specific.

Removal of temporal tattoos is also easy and one just needs to apply baby oil on the tattoo and rub on it until it fades away completely.


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