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A temporary tattoo is an image in the body that portray something nice, sexy and to crown an event. Most of the temporary tattoo resembles the real permanent tattoos. It is after two to three weeks when the tattoos fade that one win know that the tattoo was a fake one. Temporary tattoos can be drowned, painted or am rushed to the skin as a form of body printing.

By using a temporary tattoo paper you can print your designs on a standard inkjet or laser printer. With the printers there is no special skills needed and the equipments are easy to get and mostly affordable. When using the printers tattoo paper it is important to know few procedures involved. Once you have printed you your designs onto the tattoo paper apply a clean adhesive sheet over the top. By placing the paper on a flat surface with the sticky side up then take your design and place up.

Align one edge up with the paper before letting the paper to fall down onto the adhesive paper. Use a pair of scissors and cut out your design nice and slow. With the printer tattoo paper you can create many design of your choice. Take the initiative and have a perfect tattoo that look real.


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