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Printing Temporary Tattoos



In printing temporary tattoos, most people find it challenging in that most suppliers need about a thousand tattoos to be printed. They even argue that this is a small amount to be printed once and proves to be expensive to them. To solve this problem, one can create his own fake tattoo using a temporary tattoo paper.

To print a tattoo, one requires a standard desktop laser or an Inkjet printer with several A4 sheets of temporary tattoo papers. Your will also be capable of laying your design tattoo in a word processor or graphics programs. One must copy the image horizontally so that it is reversed once put on the skin.

You can then print our designs onto a tattoo paper and then and apply a clean and soft glue sheet over the top. This can be delicate hence one must be very careful not to mess up the procedure as this will require the repetition of the whole process all over again. This can be achieved by placing the glue paper on a flat place with the muggy side up. The last step involves cutting around the designs using a sharp cutting tool.

Printing your own temporary tattoos can prove to be cost effective and more satisfying as one creates tattoos he or she likes. This in turn reduces conflicts between the manufacturer and the buyer


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