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Using tattoo paper inkjet, you can be able to tattoo yourself or get it from a tattooist. The tattoo has no pain when being applied on your body. The inkjet paper also called the decay paper enables you to use your inkjet printer to print tattoos that look real and anyone can mistakenly confuse them with the permanent tattoos.

One may wonder how long should I stay for a full tattoo to be applied in the body? They take minutes to do so and if left unscrubbed, they might last for more than a week. It is time to ring the changes and create different tattoos for different events.

Most of the tattoo sheets come in two. One is a printable A4 sheets and adhesive film. There is no pain involve in it further more the tattoos are water based and non toxic. The steps are simple when; you first print the tattoo on a printable sheet, transfer the image onto adhesive sheet and apply it to the skin. The tattoo papers are cost effective since the as long as they are cut at the right angle you will get the right design with the tattoo paper. Inkjet printer gives the samples of what should be printed on once body.


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