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How To Make Temporary Tattoos



In thousands of years, tattoos were used for body ornamentation. Generation after generations tattoos have evolved to be something warm up for. Tattoos nowadays are regarded as an art across the globe, from a body ornament to a greater piece of art. Many people can bear the pain of having a permanent tattoo that is why they often desire the second choice having a temporary tattoo thus no pricking on the skin.

Through the use of body paints you only need to have; a tracing paper, a ballpoint pen a pair of scissors are the only materials needed. Choose a pattern and trace it using the tracing paper. Cut the pattern out carefully and place it in the body where you want to have a tattoo. Take the pen and draw the pattern on the body. The last part is to apply the body paint over the entire transferred pattern. Let the tattoo dry and with the help of a body dryer it will speed up your drying time. A brand new tattoo will be on your body.

Another way is using eyebrow pencil of a colored pencil and carefully draws the tattoo pattern on your body. Trace the pattern on your body carefully to ensure that the color does not go outside the pattern. This makes the outlook of your tattoo presentable, clean and neat. You only need to be creative when choosing a tattoo design.


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