Instructions for Printing and Applying Your Temporary Tattoo

Using your choice of graphics software or document editors, mirror your designs and duplicate them
to cover an 8 1/2 x 11 sized sheet of paper.

It is a good idea to place as many of your tattoo designs on one sheet of transfer paper and print them all at once and then cut them out with scissors, this will save paper.

Note: As the tattoos will be applied to the skin the image needs to be mirrored so that any text or image does not appear backwards once applied.

How do I reverse an image?

Save the image somewhere on your computer, then go into paint which is available on all PC or Mac computers , click file, then open, find the picture you want to reverse and open it, then go to Image, and then Flip/Rotate, this will reverse the image and save it, you now have a mirror image ready for printing.

Step 2

Test print your page on ordinary paper. Make sure your you’re designs print on the page correctly and that you will be printing on the correct side which is the glossy side of the paper.
You can test this out by just making a mark with a pen or pencil and print something to confirm if the glossy side should be face up or face down in the paper tray as some printers are different.

Step 3

Your Temporary Tattoo Paper contains two types of paper. One is a thick glossy sheet (the substrate) and the other contains a transparent adhesive sheet which can be peeled off. Identify the two different types of paper. The thick glossy sheets will be used in the printer.
Place a sheet in the printer so that your printer will print on the glossy side. Make sure your printer settings are on high quality and thick glossy paper or thick photo paper.

Step 4

Wait for 1-2 hours for the printer ink to dry thoroughly.

Step 5

Then peel off the adhesive clear sheet and apply to your printed sheet over the images.
The best technique is to lay the printed tattoo sheet face up on a flat surface, then peel back about a 3/4″ of the adhesive sheet evenly across the top and align it and place it on the printed tattoo sheet.

Then using a straight edge or ruler placed firmly on the 3/4″ area that is stuck to both sheets hold the adhesive backing up in the air and slowly slide the strait edge across the 2 sheets while peeling back the adhesive backing sheet.

This will ensure that you have attached the adhesive sheet evenly on the printed tattoo sheet.

If you have any air bubbles just poke them with a pin and rub them to remove any air pockets.
Now that you have attached the adhesive sheet to the printed tattoo paper!


The longer it dries the better it will work.
I usually wait until the next day to apply my temporary tattoos.

Step 6

Cut around your tattoos using scissors.

Step 7

Your tattoo is now ready to apply.

Tattoo Application Instructions:

The skin should be dry and clean and free of oils and makeup.
Starting at a corner using a exacto knife or razor blade (Be Careful Not To Cut Yourself) carefully separate and remove the clear protective top sheet.

Press tattoo firmly onto clean, dry skin with design facing down.
Hold wet cloth against back of tattoo making sure to wet it thoroughly.
Wait 30 to 60 seconds (don’t try to hurry as this is the important part). Peel off paper backing and then
press a paper towel against it to remove any excess water.

Start wearing your new Tattoo